The Edmonton Show

It was raining and dark at the Edmonton airport. The ground transportation was late arriving, and the van sent for the gear was too small. Dave and Mikey waited another hour for a larger one to arrive. Everyone was in great spirits - undaunted.

My 3:00 PM TV interview, conducted in the lobby of the Sutton Place Hotel with Edmonton’s Graham Neil, went well, and as a surprise bonus, Graham informed me that it would also be aired on ‘E-Talk Daily’ - nationally.

Our show was scheduled for 6:30. All of us knew that this was way too early. It continued to rain heavily. Everyone remained in great spirits - undaunted.

In the dressing room, Dave reminded us to wipe our feet on the pile of towels at the top of the stage stairs to minimize the risk of electrocution. When we arrived on the stage - set up facing the night club’s parking lot - we were greeted by no more than fifty people, huddled under beer-branded umbrellas intended to shade the sun. Two brave, jacket-less girls danced enthusiastically, in the pelting rain, in the open space in front of us.

Everyone was in great spirits - undaunted. It was our best show in months.