Interview Day

Tuesday is my interview day. Some Tuesdays I do four or five interviews back to back, half an hour apart. It can get confusing remembering what you’ve said to your current interviewer when you’ve already answered the same questions two or three times. This potential problem is more than offset by the fact that I prefer concentrating the interviews into one day to having them popping up randomly during the week - which is how they used to happen.

I did two interviews last Tuesday - one with a newspaper in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and one with a magazine in Toronto, Ontario.

While discussing the fact that many people come to see my band multiple times, the Fort Saskatchewan interviewer told me that he’d seen Trooper fourteen times. When discussing the same topic half an hour later with the Toronto writer, I proudly mentioned the Fort S. writer/fan.

“Well, he’s got me …” he said sounding a little disappointed, “I’ve only seen you twelve times”.