Death by a Thousand Emails

I am trying to remain free of cynicism as I watch an annoyingly familiar scenario unfold. Is this new hold-up a final and easily overcome hurdle, or is it the most recent laceration in a death by a thousand cuts?

After reporting that they were “fully up to speed now” and “alert to get this done”, “Lee” from Universal Music Canada emailed me, on November 3rd, regarding a problem with the Trooper digital downloads. He says that they will be good to go on November 21st with “all the albums except Hot Shots”. Our greatest hits collection - all the songs most people would want to download - cannot, for the moment, be included because of “a US system issue with incorrect info”.

A US system issue with incorrect info.

He says they’re trying to “get it fixed” for December 5th and that he’ll keep me posted.