I First Met Buddy Forever ...

I first met Buddy Forever on the street one day. He was completely losing his shit. That’s not necessarily a criticism, since I, in my own way, was losing mine as well. I think it was woman troubles, and had something to do with a fight of some kind. With someone else, not the woman. Either way, I was yelling and shouting about it and folks were generally keeping their distance. It was all about me, which is a great situation if you can get it - and I find being half-to-fully off your head is how you get it. How I did that day. 

He was crumpled on the cement stairs going into the mall, looking like some one had let all his air out. I didn’t even see him till he spoke. 

“Fuck sake” is what he said. Funny I remember that but can’t remember a word of what I was yelling about. He wasn’t talking to me. Just like I wasn’t talking to anyone, other than maybe God. 

Anyway, that’s how I met Buddy Forever. I didn’t know he was famous at the time.


                                                                                   ~ James Robinson - July 27th, 2008